Paris Paintings

Stroll through the sumptuous streets of Paris as you hop from painting to painting with the Paris Paintings collection. These works of art have been carefully chosen to give an incredible glimpse of the French capital as they are displayed in your favorite living space. So go for a Made In Paris decoration.

Louvre Museum Painting

Walk through the long corridors of the Louvre Museum, which was once a fortress and the home of King Philip Augustus. Take time to discover each of the works of art that are exposed in this former royal residence. Do not miss the jewel of this museum by going to visit the guardian of this one: Mona Lisa. And yes the famous painting made by Leonardo Da Vinci is the jewel of the French museum.

The Light please

After a hard day's work in the streets of Paris, you deserve a moment of rest, pleasure and sharing with a typically Parisian apéritif with a good glass of champagne, a cheese, etc. But to light up the evening while staying in this city, we suggest the use of France lamps, which tell a very interesting story.

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