Louis De Funes T-Shirts

Louis De Funès, one of the most famous actors, comedians of the XXᵉ century! Dive into the heart of the actor's dramatic and comedic films by dressing up in Louis De Funes T-Shirts. Go through the Gendarme of Saint-Tropez while trying to stop nudists. Or secretly work for the black market during the German occupation by transporting the Jambier pig in trunks alongside Bourvil and Jean Gabin.

La Grande Vadrouille T-Shirt

Mythical movie where the duo Bourvil and Louis De Funès live the period under the German occupation, the installation of the resistance, the bombings... In this movie directed by Gérard Oury, you also help the parachutists led by Big Moustache to cross the border between occupied and free France. But be careful not to get caught or to be denounced.

Louis De Funès and music

Did you know that in 1940 our French actor was a pianist in the bars and cabarets of Pigalle. And yes, that's how Louis De Funès got on stage for the first time. Sometimes he played without a break for 12 hours.

You too can proudly wear the colors of France by putting on one of our French t-shirts, in the image of our beautiful country. 

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