France Lamps

Take a good novel written by a famous French author and accompany this reading with a good hot drink lit by the light of our France Lamps. Go from Maupassant's Horla to Mussot's book or even Albert Camus. While remaining in the French universe with the Frenchies lights.

Hexagon Lamp

Here is the representation of our country that we call the Hexagon. Fall asleep in the region of your choice and travel in your dream in the landscape that you like the most in France. Experience a very relaxing and cultural night by choosing this lamp made in honor of our beautiful country. Have a good night dear visitor.

Good night kids

Don't stop here for the night of your dreams by continuing this nocturnal journey through the country. It's time to take a little break in our good and beloved capital : Paris. Warm up in a soft and cozy Paris duvet covers.

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