Daft Punk T-Shirts

It's after 28 years of collaboration, 28 years of electro music, 28 years to carry the colors of France in the world that the French group Daft Punk separates. Relive all the adventures of the French duo with Daft Punk t-shirts ! Learn more about the creation of some of Thomas and Guy's singles.

Daft T-Shirt

It is probably to Michael Mann and his movie Thief that we owe the so famous logo of Daft Punk. Indeed, the font of the logo of the group looks strangely like the font of the logo of the film. The typography of this one inspired them to realize theirs. The clothes made in the effigy of the DJs have also recovered the font of the mafia movie.

Comics and Music : The Song of the Machine

An unusual collaboration takes place on the book created by David Blot and Mathias Cousin between the two authors and the French group, known by the whole world : Daft Punk. Welcome to the immensity of the world of French comics. Put a foot in it with our Tintin t-shirts.

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