Bordeaux Paintings

Welcome to Bordeaux dear visitor ! Sit back on your couch and start your tour of the city by diving head first into our Bordeaux Paintings. Walk through the vineyards of Bordeaux, taste the delicious red wine that they deliver. Become a true lover of the capital of Gironde by choosing one of these paintings.

Red Wine Painting

The Bordeaux region is one of the prestigious French wine regions, indeed, this one being vast, the vineyard extends on 119 000 hectares. We find a wide range of appellations: Saint-Emilion, Graves, Medoc. These benefit from more than 6 different grape varieties. So, let us convince you by visiting this magnificent region with this picture.

Decoration France

A painting is not only there to show its taste for a city or a monument, no. It is also a key decorative element for a room. An additional asset to create a real atmosphere in a room. Go directly to our French decoration to add new decorative items to your French home.

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