Asterix T-Shirts

Welcome to Gaul by Toutatis ! Come against the Gaulish diehards by wearing Asterix T-Shirts. Learn more about the customs of that era, fight the Roman invader and protect the only village that still resists the invader. Go boar hunting with Asterix and Obelix and dress up in clothes inspired by the duo's adventures.

Otis T-Shirt

This t-shirt is inspired by the masterpiece directed and written by the great Alain Chabat ! Indeed, it is when Panoramix questions the scribe about his professional situation that he starts a monologue about life. For the record, most of it is played in total improvisation by Edouard Baer. What a mythical line ! Visit the Gallo-Roman cities while remaining in the world of the Gallic warrior.

Taste a wine in the city of Burdigala while discovering the city with our Bordeaux t-shirts.

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