What Do The French Eat For Breakfast In 2021 ?

March 30, 2021 5 min read


Would you like to know what the French eat for their first meal of the day ? What is the origin of this one ? And how to prepare a typical French breakfast ?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, the first one after our night's sleep, the one that breaks our fast since supper. It is taken in the morning, when we get up.

By arriving at this article you will discover :

  • What is the origin of the French breakfast
  • When to eat breakfast
  • How to eat a balanced breakfast

From tomorrow morning you can prepare a French breakfast worthy of the name.

Let's get right to the preparation !
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The origin and evolution of the French breakfast : everything you need to know

Before knowing what the French breakfast is in 2021, it is important to discover the context of it. 🥐

That's why we will discover together its history and its evolution over time.


The evolution of breakfast in France

The breakfast already existed during the Antiquity. During the Gallo-Roman period we had the Roman customs, our breakfast was like this : bread rubbed with garlic or onion accompanied by a glass of wine cut with water (original indeed).

In the Middle Ages, the first meal of the day was such : a wine soup with bread dipped in it as a snack.

middle age breakfast
During the Renaissance, people ate large slices of bread called "toasted" that were toasted and then covered with salted butter that was soaked in warm milk.

During the French Revolution, people began to wonder about the effect of a hearty breakfast on health. This one is composed as follows : coffee or tea.

In the XIXᵉ century and especially in the countryside, people eat French toast with milk.

We will discover what is the current breakfast through this article.

What is the origin of the French breakfast ?

The breakfast exists since the antiquity, it is the first meal of the day. It has a physiological necessity which is to break the fast after our night of sleep.

By breaking this fast, we have breakfast, and we hydrate ourselves to give energy to our body.

However, the typical French breakfast with its coffee and toast is only very recent. ☕️
french breakfast

What is the typical French breakfast ?

Like our culture, the French breakfast is world-famous but what is it made of, here it is :
  • A hot drink : coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  • A squeezed fruit juice: orange or grapefruit
  • Good bread : baguette or toast, both with butter and jam
  • Viennese pastries : croissant, pain au chocolat/ chocolatine, brioche or raisin bread.

The French breakfast recipe

To enjoy a delicious French breakfast follow this recipe :
  1. Choose your hot drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)
  2. Choose your juice (orange or grapefruit)
  3. ½ baguette
  4. Choose your pastry (croissant, chocolate/chocolate bread, brioche or reason bread)
  5. 10 g of salted or sweet butter
  6. 2 teaspoons of honey or jam

Why is breakfast important ?

As I explained it previously the interest of this one and that since the night of the times and to break the fast.
early wake-up
But moreover, breakfast is the most important meal because if it is well composed, it will provide your body with a quarter of the nutritional and energy needs required for the day.

Feeding yourself after a long night's sleep is essential, by not feeding yourself you are not feeding your brain and your muscles. You are running on the reserves of the day before in a way.

Where to eat a good breakfast in Paris ?

I'm not going to beat around the bush to give you one of the best addresses in Paris to enjoy your breakfast, head to Éric Kayser's bakery transformed into a tearoom in the Stock Exchange district.

You will be delighted by a typical French breakfast for a total amount of 8 euros.
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The French breakfast in 2021

Here we go! After having established the basics of breakfast by tracing its history, you are ready to discover the French breakfast in 2021.

Let's go directly to the second part of this article by discovering the trends of this one, its preparation and its variants.

The different trends of breakfast in France

Today, the French tend to forget the origins of breakfast by turning it into a snack rather than a meal.

Here are the 3 variations of breakfast in 2021 :
  • healthy (healthy products for the health)
  • bowlcake (mixture of ingredients)
  • nomadic breakfast (meal in transport)

3 breakfasts

How to eat a balanced breakfast ?

If you want to taste all of them while respecting the doses of daily contributions, here are the types of ingredients that appear in a balanced breakfast :

  • fruit (vitamins)
  • cold or hot drinks (hydration)
  • Grain products (protein)
  • fat or sweet products (a meal is a pleasure)
  • dairy products (calcium)
I will not leave you like this, I have prepared a balanced meal that you will enjoy :
  • a glass of squeezed orange juice
  • an organic yogurt
  • 2 slices of wholemeal bread with jam

What do I eat in the morning ?

The purpose of breakfast is not only to break your fast or to keep you going until lunch, but also to keep you going throughout the day. That's why it's called the most important meal of the day.

So if you don't know what to eat in the morning, make up your breakfast by taking one food per intake.

balanced breakfast

When to eat breakfast ?

This question is a real dilemma but don't worry we have the solution.

You haven't fed for at least 8-9 hours, so it's important to eat breakfast to refuel your body. The ideal time to eat breakfast is between 6am and 9am.

Some people find it hard to feed themselves directly upon waking up (this is my case), so I advise you to drink a glass of water or juice, shower and get ready and while the appetite will set in.

The little extra of Shopping French

For the first time this year, we find in this section that I particularly like.

Let's discover together which breakfast I have chosen.


My own breakfast

In the morning I'm not very hungry, and I don't have much time either, so I opted for a quick and energetic breakfast.

Here is my Shopping French bowl recipe:

  • 125 g cottage cheese or Greek yogurt
  • 80 g organic muesli
  • 100 g pears
  • 15 g of nuts
  • A few pieces of pomegranate
  • Fillet of honey

Put everything together in a bowl.

my breakfast

I take care of your figure

Your breakfast is quick to prepare, but also pleasant and low in calories since it contains only 686.41 Kcal.

With this breakfast you have enough to last until mid-afternoon.


Let's eat !

Your breakfast is ready to be eaten ! You know how to prepare a trendy breakfast, but also typically French now like a real baker.

Invite your best friends or your family and concoct for them the real French breakfast with a good croissant and good bread. Amaze them.

We count on you to treat them!

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Discover it now by clicking on the sun.

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