When Did France Become France And How ?

March 09, 2021 4 min read


Do you want to know the truth about France ? Discover its creation ? How was it created ? Who created it ?

We are passionate about this subject and know exactly how to help you.

The creation of France dates back to 456 AD. Indeed, it was created by the Merovingians. The first king and the one considered to be the founder would be Clovis 1st.

In this article you will discover :

  • How Gaul became France
  • When did the word France appear
  • Who wrote the French language 

The History of France will now have no more secrets for you ! You will be a true well of knowledge.

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The creation of France : all you need to know

At the beginning of this article we will tackle the subject by seeing how this creation was made. To better understand what happens next it is essential to start with that.

Without further ado let's start now by discovering everything we need to know about the origin of France, by answering all the most frequently asked questions.

Who were the first inhabitants of France ?

4000 years ago, nomadic populations were the first "French" inhabitants. They lived in different wild places.

Such as :
  • Shacks built on stilts
  • Caves
This part of the history is indeed not very detailed because our information on these first inhabitants is very weak.
The traces of their existence are limited to bones, weapons and monuments made of stone.

When was France created ?

It is in the year 1205, that our country takes the Latin name of Regnum Franciae which means Kingdom Of France.

How did Gaul become France ?

After the end of the Huns' invasion, a certain Clovis understood the power that the Church held in Gaul.
clovis I
He was therefore baptized and once blessed, he set out to conquer Gaul. He succeeded and Paris (formerly Lutetia) became its capital.

It was at this time that Gaul became France, or rather the kingdom of the Franks.

Who is the founder of France ?

When Clovis freed the Christian peoples of Gaul, he became the king of the Franks by force and by his alliance with the Church.

Clovis participated in the foundation of France. But he is only the founder of a dynasty : The Merovingians.

We have to wait until 1180 to find out who will be the founder of France by becoming the first King of France and not King of the Franks.
philippe auguste
It is about Philip Augustus.

The role of the king is no longer just that of a leader of men, but that of a political leader.

Who unified France ?

Clovis unified almost all of Gaul, however, it's Philip Augustus who holds the title of unifier of France, because it is indeed he who is at the origin of the creation of the Kingdom of France.

The idea of bringing us together under the same banner.
bauvines battle

Why is it called France ? 

Now you know how France was created, which was its first king... Now I will explain to you why our country is called France.

Our goal is to make you a scholar on the history of France. Let's go ahead !

How did the word France appear ?

The language spoken at that time by the Franks was Lower Franconian, a set of Germanic languages.

The word France and therefore the name of our beloved country originally comes from "Frankenreich" (kingdom of the Franks) then "Frankreich" (franc) then Franc, which became France.

The meaning of the word "franc" is free man.

Here are 4 nicknames given to France :

- L'Hexagone
- The Republic
- The country of human rights
- Gaul


Who are the French ?

Here we are at the last point of this article, let's discover together who we really are. Let's look at our family tree and our French language.

Once you have read this you will be a true scholar on the origin of our country, its language, and its ancestors.

Who are the ancestors of the French ?

If we listen to our history teachers, our ancestors would be first the Homo-Erectus, then the Neanderthals, the Cro-Magnon and then the Gauls.

Well, this is not the case.

At least it's not certain at all.
Indeed, Celts would have settled first during the Bronze Age and then Germanic and Scandinavian peoples.

According to Ernest Renan : "The Frenchman is neither a Gaul, nor a Franc, nor a Burgundian". He is a whole.

All this is based on a myth because nobody really knows.

Moreover, this myth is intensively reinforced by the appearance of the famous Asterix and Obelix comic strips created by Goscinny and Uderzo in 1959.
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Who wrote the French language ?

The French language has been built up throughout history, it is a Romance language (derived from Latin).

It was in 1539 that French became the official language in France.

Joachim Du Bellay wrote and published a book called : Defense and illustration of the French language.

This will be the theoretical and lexical bible of the French language.
Joachim Du Bellay

I make you a knight !

You know all about the foundation of the kingdom of France now ! Whether it is about the French, the first king or his ancestors.

With all this information take the place of any history teacher and enrich the general culture of the people.

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